We protect
our own

We're here to keep you on the road and your bike performing exactly how it should. With a variety of programs that give you coverage, care and peace of mind, you can continue to ride worry-free everywhere you go. Here, you can read up on our plans and add them to your product list, so you'll have them on hand when you visit CC

1. Coverage provides repair or replacement for original or replacement tires and wheels that fail due to contact with a road hazard like sharp rocks, tree limbs, potholes or nails.

2. Coverage includes the cost of tire mounting and balancing, inner tubes, valve stems, labor and taxes.

3. There is NO deductible.

4. There is NO maximum number of occurrences.

5. Rental charge will be reimbursed up to $500 per occurrence.*

6. Towing charge will be reimbursed up to $150 per occurence.*

7. Lodging and food charges will be reimbursed up to $300 per occurence
if more than 100 miles from home.*

8. It's transferable to the next owner if you sell your motorcycle.**

9. Nationwide H-D repair location assistance.

10. Coverage begins immediately with the purchase of this protection.

* If due to failure of a covered wheel or tire.

** Subject to a $25 transfer fee.

Wheel and Tire Protection must be purchased at the time you buy your motorcycle or at the time you purchase a new tire or set of tires and/or wheels from an authorized Harley-Davidson dealer.

The coverage can be added into your motorcycle finanacing. You can choose Wheel and Tire Protection coverage from 1-7 years.

Getting a flat tire or bent rim sucks especially when you have to pay the unexpected repair costs. Protect your investment and gain reassurance on the road with Harley-Davidson Tire and Wheel Protection